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  • Satellite, 2019

    Graphite on black paper 23 x 30 inches

  • Cabin, 2019

    Graphite on black paper 23 x 30 inches

My drawings for | | | Thunderstruck | | |, a traveling exhibition curated by Jessi DiTillio.

| | | Thunderstruck | | | will premiere at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY in July 2019, then travel to Carnation Contemporary in Portland, OR in September 2019.

This project began with a road trip to New Mexico from three different parts of the country, Oregon, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Meeting in the desert outside Albuquerque, we made our way to the Very Large Array, an astronomical marvel and epic material expression of the human desire to know the universe. Primed by this encounter to experience the earth as a small orb in a vast space, we picked up a pie from a small bakery and headed to the Dia Foundation office to embark on our journey to Walter de Maria’s 1977 work The Lightning Field.