My work aims to excavate the philosophical significance of what it means to wander through the sea of signals and noise enveloping our modern world. Questioning what it means to be lost in search of the unfamiliar, my research happens deep in secluded spaces where isolation and reflection can be found. By embracing doubt and the malfunction of systems, the potentially ambiguous nature of signal and noise is explored as both positive and negative, signifier and obstruction, sacred and profane. My practice is rooted in traditional drawing and digital processes. Recent works involve mediating and objectifying safety instructions and signs of duress such as flares, smoke signals and rescue dye, dislodging the hope placed in them to embrace uncertainty. Both representation and conceptual strategies enable further extraction whereby signs and signifiers are edited, reduced, confused, and abstracted. Naturally bound to representational imagery, I often challenge my desire to depict the knowable, opting instead for an exploration into the abstract as a system for engaging with the unknown. In order to do so, I employ methods that combine chance, intuition and structure to challenge a sense of control and disengage with pictorial realism. The results are colorful and monochromatic spectrums of bursts and waves. As a process, my drawings, videos, and photographs provide a meditative method by which personal experience is mapped, providing a construction of the unconscious. Driven by a passion for the outdoors, an interest in our cultural fascination with survivalism, and a profound sense of unease amidst our current climate of global chaos, my work investigates what it means to make one’s way through life.